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What is Codewranglrz?

We are a passionate team of people in the tech industry exploring the world of blockchain. We began creating collections to learn Web3 development and have found a love for it!

Who is behind Codewranglrz?

Codewranglrz is an exploratory project brought to you by CodeCast to explore blockchain and NFT technology.

What are NFTs?

An NFT (or Non-fungible Token) are tokens (often ERC-721) that are always unique. They live on the blockchain as a contract and store data related to the NFT. They contain all the contract information, as well as the data related to all transactions and ownership of the NFT.

Meet The Team

Amy robot

Amy Oulton

Lead Engineer

Adam Robot

Adam Lin

Robotics Designer

Ryan robot

Ryan St. Germaine

Commander Tactical Officer

Tam Robot

Tam Tkbeili

Commander Tactical Officer

Veronica Robot

Veronica Gudova

Technical Advisor

Samuel Robot

Samuel Gebrehiwet

Technical Advisor

Vitalii robot

Vitalii Besporstov

Technical Advisor