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Spooktacular boos!

Boos! is a collection of 10,000 ghost NFTs living on the Polygon Blockchain.

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NFTs TO Learn Web3

Each holder of a Boos! NFT will get access to a restricted portion of our Discord server where we will be sharing exclusive educational content on topics related to Web3, including an upcoming Series on creating an NFT collection from scratch.

All content will be accessible via CodeCast, so we recommend that you sign up for an account! It’s entirely free, but you’ll be able to get the most out of its features if you have an account.

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Each Boo! is unique and generated from # of possible outcomes, including, eyes, headwear, clothing, and more. And of course, all Boos! are spooktacular!

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What are Boos!?

Boos! are a collection of 10,000 Ghost NFTs living on the Polygon blockchain. Boos! contain their own unique items, allowing the community to build their own incredible stories.

Who is behind Boos!?

Codewranglrz is behind the project that is brought to you by CodeCast, a community dedicated to learning and teaching code.

What are NFTs?

An NFT (or Non-fungible Token) are tokens (often ERC-721) that are always unique. They live on the blockchain as a contract and store data related to the NFT. They contain all the contract information, as well as the data related to all transactions and ownership of the NFT.

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